Why Do Guides Catch More Fish?

Pay Attention Weekend Warrior’s

Are you a weekend warrior striper angler on Lake Texoma?  We see you guys on social media, fishing hard, posting pictures, nice work!  Texoma is a huge lake, 89,000 surface acres, and that’s a lot of room for Striper to roam!  We have all seen it a time or three on Lake Texoma…..The Boat Show!  Yes, Texoma is famous for boat shows, and no not cool speed boats with bikini beauties on the sandy beaches!  We are talking about 20 to 30 Lake Texoma Fishing Guides piled up in one area catching Striped Bass!  Lake Texoma Boat Shows start as a snowflake, then turn into a snowball, and finally morph into a full-blown avalanche!  These Striper Fishing Guides catch nice fish and good numbers, but combat fishing is not our cup of tea!  Someone on the boat always asks, why do Texoma Guides catch more Fish?

Why Do Lake Texoma Fishing Guides Catch more Striper Fish?

Most anglers think Guides catch more fish because they simply fish more!  True, a full-time Texoma Striper Guide will fish 300 plus days a year or more.  It is also true professional guides simply fish more and get better!  We saw a post on facebook by Captain John Blasingame and wanted to add a few more points!  We fish Texoma a lot and find watching guides that are close by helps.  Watch a guide boat to see what lures they are using.  Are the customers fishing fast, slow, or are they fishing in shallow water?  If the guide boat is catching watch them for a few minutes and copy their style.

Please Respect Fishing Guides

If you want to remain friends with professional fishing guides, give them plenty of room.  DO NOT Follow them around Lake Texoma.  If you are in a group of boats, watch what the are doing and what size, color, and type of lures they are using!

Why Do Guides Catch More Fish, Texoma
Slab Spoons catch Texoma Striper


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